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Kerkrade Botanic Garden

The Kerkrade Botanic Garden was founded in 1939 on the initiative and under the authority of the former Mines of the Dutch State. The “English garden” style layout was envisaged by renowned landscapist and architect, John Bergmans.

The grounds have served as Botanic Gardens from the very beginning, aggregating collections of national importance on their lawns, paths and lake, as well as housing a large number of tree species, bushes and plants from temperate climes, alongside Dutch flora, mainly from the Province of Limbourg.

The gardens extend for a mere 1.5 hectares but appear much larger due to the many open spaces, affording marvellous views to visitors.

The greenhouses contain a collection of succulent plants from Madagascar, which make up part of the National Plant Collection, along with the collection of conifers and Cryptomeria.

Since 1997, the "Kerkrade Botanic Gardens" Foundation has managed the grounds.

After acquiring a wealth of expertise, collections of inestimable value and conservation of the garden’s concept, Kerkrade Botanic Gardens obtained the statute of National Monument in 2000 and that of recognised museum in 2002.

Furthermore, the “Kerkrade Botanic Garden" Foundation is a member of the national NVBT and SNP organisations and a member of the international BGCI and MUSIP organisations.

The Foundation includes an Educational Department which is located within Kerkrade Botanic Garden.

Kerkrade Botanic Gardens are open to the public year round and organise a whole host of events and recreational activities.


Mr. Hans Leerschool
Stichting Botanische Tuin Kerkrade
St. Hubertuslaan 74 6467 CK Kerkrade, The Netherlands

Tel : 31 45 5415615
Fax : 31 45 5418396

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