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The cornerstone of economic and tourism-centred activities of Botanic Gardens: Collections of plant biodiversity

Living plant collections in parks and green houses are indispensable for attracting tourists to Botanic Gardens. This is why special attention must be given to managing and enhancing the image of this living heritage.

Nowadays, Botanical Gardens around the world are mainly concerned with conserving biodiversity. The same is true of Euregio Botanic Gardens, where the aims of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity are realised. These gardens preserve regional, native plant species as well as collections from elsewhere in the world, in partnership with other international Botanic Gardens and adhering to the conservation strategy recommended by the "Botanic Gardens Conservation International" (BGCI, UK).

The complementary partnership of Botanic Gardens, sharing gained experience

Kerkrade Botanic Gardens and the Park Natuur & Cultuur bring to he Euregional network their extensive and varied know-how in terms of eco-friendly tourism, event organisation and recreational activities for the general public.

Liege Botanic Gardens are a European centre of scientific, botanic, horticultural and historical excellence. They pool living heritage of global interest, certain collections of which are recognised and listed by the Washington Convention on Protected Species (CITES). This living heritage will be the main pull-factor for quality tourism. Apart from their role as network coordinator, Liege Botanic Gardens, will contribute management expertise and maintain European and international Euregio plant biodiversity.

This project will see the three partners working together, exchanging ideas and learning from one another. The fact that the partners are to share their savoir-faire will allow them to achieve a lasting strategy for sustainable tourism.


Financial support from the Euregio programme, INTERREG III will launch the network partner’s sustainable tourism strategy and that for biodiversity conservation. Financial support from the INTERREG III programme will permit the partners to meet, work together and develop a new economic dynamic in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine area, employing common strategies.

Following the initial period, the partner gardens will be capable of organising common tourism events alone. This will generate revenue linked to tourism at the sites in question.

EBGN coordination will launch research endeavours by national, European and international partners (international associations, the United Nations, etc.), with the aim of consolidating activity and achieving lasting partnerships.

The financing strategy will see closer partnerships with the public and private sectors, as well as with private philanthropic foundations and associations.